Veridos launches mobile face recognition system

Identity solutions provider Veridos has announced the release of a facial authentication solution called VeriGO TrueID, which it said is set to enable the next generation of eGovernment services.

The firm said it also brings clear benefits for citizens, making a convenient and secure solution available when renewing identity documents, for example.
VeriGO is a Veridos verification platform which has also been combined with mobile identity services to create smartphone-based solutions.

The VeriGO TrueID solution consists of a mobile app for face detection and server-side matching, with checks performed against an already existing national biometric database – meaning that there is no need for citizens to enroll in advance.

Dr. Silke Bargstädt-Franke, Head of Technical Sales & Portfolio Management at Veridos said: “Governments that seek to keep up with digitalization can use VeriGO® TrueID to great effect, simultaneously simplifying their services and optimizing their resources. The solution can be integrated into existing authentication servers and works on all widely used smartphones, making it very easy to transition to.”

The VeriGO TrueID solution will be showcased for the first time at the ICAO TRIP symposium and exhibition, taking place 23-25 October in Montréal, Canada. There is also a single-country European pilot planned to start in the next few weeks.

Source: Planetbiometrics.

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