Media Mart Gift Card / Cremiums Card / Lucky Scratched card of VietinBank

VietinBank is a join-stock commercial bank in Vietnam. The bank is 1 transaction headquaters, 150 branches and more than 1000 transaction department / saving funds throughout the country.

The cards were designed and manufactured in MK Smart factory. Media Mart Gift card / Cremiums card program has attracted the attention of users and helped to promote better VietinBank’s brand image.
VietinBank - MediaMart

Media Mart Gift Card of VietinBank

VTB_JCB Card_FINALCremiums card of VietinBank

Prood TV 2010Lucky Scratched card of  Vietinbank

About MK Smart:
Mk Smart (2003) – a member of MK Group, the leading company in manufacturing Plastic Card, Smartcard (contact and/or contactless), SIM card, ID card, Loyalty card, Scratch card , card applications and authentication solutions etc. MK Smart owns two largest Card and Business Form Factories in Vietnam – located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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