vien-thongThe telecom market in Vietnam is growing rapidly with more than 150 million mobile phone subscribers and the number of 3G subscribers reached approximately 20 million figures. With advanced technology from Germany and the US, production processes meet the high security requirements; MK Smart is currently the biggest SIM and scratch card manufacturer in Vietnam with the capacity of of 500,000 products per day. MK Smart is the only manufacturer in Vietnam and among few manufacturers worldwide is certified with SAS cartificate of GSMA (International Telecommunication Association). The SIM / RUIM of MK Smart with international standards have conquered the market internationally as well as locally.

4G LTE – SIM 3 in 1:

MK Smart TripleSIM combines all form factors – the classic 2FF, micro 3FF and nano 4FF – on one single card. This enables users to adapt their SIM to any available handset and, at the same time allows operators to optimize their inventory by stocking only one type of SIM cards.

MK Smart provides it own operation system with latest 4G LTE technology in 2015.


MK Smart’s SIM/RUIM cards are developed on the base of advanced SIM products and provide a variety of applications and value added applicatuons for telecommunication providers. Besides basic applications such as SMS, personal data storage, phone numbers storage, SIM/RUIM products are developed value added applications such as:

  • Information services (weather, exchange rate, sport, news).
  • Database function.
  • Multi languages.
  • Multi phone numbers on one SIM (Multi IMSI)
  • Large phonebook data capacity (over 1.000 phone numbers).
  • Group messages (Group SMS)
  • Provide different application for different network technologies according to customers’ requirements: GSM, Cityphone and CDMA.


  • Complies with ISO 7816¬1, 7816¬2, 7816¬3, ISO7816¬4…
  • Complies with GSM 11.11, GSM 11.14, GSM 11.17, GSM 03.40, GSM 03.48…
  • Complies with 3GPP2.S0023 & 3GPP2 C.S0015…
  • Frequency supported: 450/800MHZ DMA with RUIM.
  • Authentically algorithm supported COMP 128¬1, 128¬2, 128¬3, CAVE
  • Anti¬piracy security technology & authentication calculations ect.

SIM PKI: MK Smart has launched the MK SmartCard PKI in 2014, it is used in the real payment authentication and signing of electronic transactions (authentication service for digital signatures CA), or for code and decoding of the document; encryption algorithms, authentication and signing are in Chip that ensure information security. PKI SmartCard application replaces the high cost USB Token used to sign transactions that brings the use of PKI to sign the transactions to everyone.