MK Smart 5th time continuously stayed in the list of TOP 50 leading IT enterprises in Vietnam

With range of high-tech solutions and products that keep pace with the 4.0 technology revolution such as :

  • EMV card personalization solution for banks.
  • Electronic ticketing solution for public transportation
  • Security ecosystem on chip using PKI card, OTP, Biometric MoC, SoD …
  • Kepass U2F Token is U2F certified by FIDO Alliance in August 2018
  • Products on smart cards, financial cards – banking, SIM cards, etc.

We expect to have more opportunities to approach and introduce our products and services not only to domestic partners but also to more than 10,000 international partners in 100 countries and territories worldwide. in the international cooperation network of VINASA.

Top 50 IT Companies in Vietnam 2018 Vietnam is a program of selection of prestigious enterprises with outstanding capabilities of Vietnam to introduce and connect for domestic and international cooperations.

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