Card migration solution

chuyendoithePreviously, most of the cards used in the financial and banking sector in Vietnam are applied security technology using magnetic, also known as magnetic card.

However, the banks have to transfer data abroad in order to personalize the card and then “import” back to Vietnam by post. This  wastes a lot of time and costly.

Furthermore, the process of transfering information is potentially risky relating to the problem of information security and even national security issues. Therefore, the prestigious organizations around the world have warned nations about the necessity of the transition from magnetic cards with low security to EMV chip card is expected to bring more benefits to the users as well as higher security. EMV is a payment smart card standard establised by the 3 world’s largest card organizations, including Europay, MasterCard and Visa.

Currently, MK Smart owns four international certificates of security and security card manufacturing, including: S.A.S (GSMA), VISA, JCB and MasterCard. MK Smart is the leading partner in Vietnam to provide solution of EMV card personalization and migration.

MK Smart is the only Vietnamese company capable providing smart card with EMV standard, with the goal of improving security for banks. EMV Migration and Personalization of MK Smart includes 5 packages, providing appropriate choices for conditions of all banks:


STANDARD is the most popular service package, compatible with the joint-stock commercial banks beginning invert to international EMV cards. STANDARD package has advantages:

  • The entire process EMV card personalization will be done at the factory of MK Smart.
  • Customers do not have to invest into people, system and space.
  • Entire card personalization will be done by MK Smart. Customers only have to send the data to the factory MK Smart.
  • Quick implementation

DELUXE Package

DELUXE package is compatible with bank policies not to send data outside, or to control 100% of the data. Deluxe package has many advantages, especially:

  • Equipment, hardware and software of MK Smart is located at the bank for personalization.
  • In-place personalization. Bank proactively protect their data.
  • Quick implementation


PREMIUM package compatible for customers who want to actively personalize card in banks, saving shipping time from factory of MK Smart. PREMIUM package has many advantages, including:

  • Data prepared in MK Smart’s factory, personalization machines and software located in bank’s location
  • Bank initiative in issuance.
  • No time transport between MK Smart card and bank. It can be deployed in a branch of the bank.

LITE Package

With LITE package, the bank can take advantage of the existing personalization system that banks already had:

  • Data prepared in MK Smart’s factory, personalization done by personalization system available in bank which is installed the personalization software of MK Smart at bank locations.
  • Banks could take advantage of existing MK Smart’s personalization system, which is more cost saving.

BACK UP Package

BACK UP Package provides business safety for overcoming problems, such as:

  • System Malfunctions
  • Increase the capacity of instantaneous
  • Update Technology – Solutions
  • Reduce the cost of the system and human investment.