Card Personalization

Card personalization is the process of entering the personal information of the cardholder on the cards have different properties, such as payment cards, membership cards, loyalty cards using different techniques such as:

Topper : Colors of metal and gold will be toppered on the top embossed characters.

Indent Printing: The etching technique authentication code into the card itself, is also applied in order to personalize the front of the card.
Magstripe Encoding : Encode magnetic stripe with the information of the cardholder.

Thermal Printing:  Themal or inkjet printing on cards with photos and personal data.

Laser Engraving: Using laser to engrave on the card itself, is only available in black.

Label: Card activation code usually printed on the label, it is can be peeled off.

Chip Encoding: Relatively complex with many steps and techniques.The personalization is carried out in  personalization room (service bureau), in particular this room is located in a safe area with necessary equipments and resources to process, format, store and encrypt data according to customers’ requirements.