The key chain -SIM card of Movitel

Movitel is a joint venture between Viettel Group and SPI Telecom Company of Mozambique. Movitel is as bridge from Vietel to other countries in the African region. In the future, there are many plans for the development of Movitel.

The key chain – SIM card of Movitel  was designed and manufactured in MK Smart factory. The program has attracted the attention of public and helped Movitel promote better brand image.

SIM Card ai

The key chain -SIM card program of Movitel

About MK Smart:

MK Smart (2003) – a member of MK Group, the leading company in manufacturing Plastic Card, Smartcard (contact and/or contactless), SIM card, ID card, Loyalty card, Scratch card , card applications and authentication solutions etc. MK Smart owns two largest Card and Business Form Factories in Vietnam – located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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