chinh-phu-dien-tuMK Smart has always been the pioneer in research and developing modern technology on smart cards, supporting the government project, and improving the efficiency of e-government management agencies.

Advanced technologies proposed by MK Smart such as: biometric identification solution (MoC¬ Matching on Card), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

E-government card productions & solutions:

Identification: identification, passport Vietnam’s population almost hit 90 million people. That really is a challenge to the government authority to management personal information of the population. With a strong R & D team was established in 2005, MK Smart constantly working to deploy the applications, the most comprehensive solutions for managing data volumes of ID cards, passports. The identity solution by biometric will help agencies manage and minimize number of card frauds, ID card, passports thereby ensuring national security as well as strong support for the work of investigation of incidents

Transport and Social security

Along with the rapid development of transport infrastructure in Vietnam, with the birth of modern systems and tickets solutions, not only people feel more convenient while traveling but also increase efficiency and reduce management costs. The modern solutions serve as bus-ticket, air tickets, train tickets etc., and the system of electronic toll collection is slowly becoming popular and effective tool for managers. MK Smart also provides solutions and products to assist the government in ensuring the social security issue such as health and social insurance, social insurance etc… Besides this MK Smart’s solutions and products longer support the government in preventing and reducing corruption, waste and loss, contributing to ensuring security and political and social justice.