Enterprise Culture


Believe is the essential factor to set up an effective business relationship which is connected with MK business.

Self­respect and mutual respect

Individuals need self­respect and to be respected by others regardless of their position. This is a value that all members of the company honour and preserve.


Individuals create and strive for results, each action we make is  also a commitment to the success of MK and for us, all.


Members are responsible for completing work that is assigned and  committed to. In return, members will be able to use resources, tools and take part in training courses to achieve success at work.


Business goals are achieved  best when individuals work  together. As a member, we should develop a cooperative environment.

Integrity and morality

Members of MK  will keep integrity and morality in each action that directly or indirectly affects MK. Honest and Open­hearted communications deas and information are keys for the success of every business. We keep a comfortable atmosphere for each member to share ideas.

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