• Plastic Card

    Plastic Card (as known as PVC Card) is a product with many applications in today’s life, especially in career and business sectors require the usability and security. A plastic card is rated as high quality as it ensures 3 factors: Good quality material, sharp color and color stability, so the manufacturing technology is the determinant  to the products.

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  • Chip Card

    Chip card is a plastic card mounted with an integrated circuit (chip) that allows to meet the demand for data storage, data protection, as well as the need for complex calculations such as the encryption and the data identification, the security assurance  and the integrity of transiting data.

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  • Contactless Card

    Contactless card is a plastic smart card contains the chip and the hidden antenna lines. The antenna goes around the card, which is responsible for mediating recognition / radio between the card reader and the chip on the card.

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  • Direct Mailing

    Direct Mailing is sending publications, advertising materials, documents or messages to a group of customers in the same period of time. This is an effective and measurable direct marketing method that many businesses are applying because its features: professional, inexpensive, personalized content and security.

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  • Receipt – Business form

    With the business philosophy “For the sake of customers”, MK Smart is not only a leading pioneer in the field of card solutions’ manufacturing and supplying, but also giving efforts to develop the supporting service pack to create added value to the customers. Receipt – Business form supporting services of MK.Smart has two types: Folded Invoice and Rolled Invoice.

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